Cute Customized Gift Ideas You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

How about those stores in the airport called “Only In <insert city/state name here>”. Those are some nice gifts for the family that you can’t find elsewhere, right? Actually, you can get all of that stuff online without ever leaving your couch. Want to fake a trip to Los Angeles? Just shop around online for your tourist gear and souvenirs and you’re good to go! But what’s the fun in that?

Where can you truly purchase gifts you can’t find anywhere else? The good news is you can still get it online, the key is to get it customized! It’s not that expensive and it’s usually better quality (at Chasing Little Feesers we only use the best base materials). You can get custom tumblers, shirts, and other items without leaving your home.


Where to Buy Custom Items

  1. Obviousl, we’re biased towards our own products, so we recommend We’re still a small business and don’t have an infinite selection, but we make great hand crafted customized gifts at unbeatable prices. We try to offer one new product for our customers to customize every week, so check back often for new cute custom gifts. Check out our store here.
  2. Etsy is a great online shop where you can buy straight from the producers. Etsy still takes a percentage, so if you can find someone’s online store, it’s always better to buy directly from their website instead of through a third party.
  3. Local flea and farmers markets are great. There are often stands of custom made license plates or custom woodworking items. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just ask the store owner, they’re almost always open to new suggestions. You can always haggle at the flea market as well, although it’s not required (I’m no good at bargaining, I get too anxious).
  4. eBay is a good online retailer where custom crafts get sold. Most people think of eBay as an auction website, which it is, but a lot of sellers offer Buy It Now prices where you pay a set amount and don’t have to deal with being the highest bidder (again, super stressful).


Now that you know where to get personalized gifts, it’s time to pick the right gift for the right person.

Custom Tumblers

A very popular item right now is the tumbler. It’s great for adults and kids alike. They don’t sweat with cold drinks, and they keep warm drinks temperature for a long time. The lid and straw make it easier to sip on while preventing big messes. We sell customized glitter dipped tumblers at our daughter’s cheerleading practices and the mom’s love them. It’s a great way to keep their little one hydrated while looking good.


Custom T-Shirts

Getting customized tees isn’t near as expensive as most people think. They can be found for well under the cost of your favorite name brand, and it’s a gift that lasts forever. Some of our customers get shirts made when going to Disney World or on vacation and they only wear it once and then save it forever to remember the good times on their trip.


Custom Home Decor

If you know a master craftsman or woodworker, you’re in luck! Most home decor can be made dirt cheap by someone with a few woodworking skills. We make amazing (according to our customers!) door hangers and custom family crates. A lot of people want their family last name printed on the decor. Again, this is something that will be cherished forever, not something a million people already bought from Walmart.


As a final note, please always shop local and shop small. Keep the money in your community and help grow your local economy. Let us know in the comments below if you know of any great shops to get customized gifts or if you have anything you’d like us to make!

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