Funny T Shirts For Kids (Or Adults)

Who doesn’t love a good funny tee? Kids love them and so do we! That just rhymed, I’m a poet and didn’t know it… OK, enough. We’ve ranked out favorite affordable hilarious shirts below. Our rating system was very complex and might need a mathematician to decrypt the algorithm…. just kidding. We simply ranked the shirts we think are the funniest. Very opinionated, never discriminated. If you have any shirts that always make you laugh, please share them below!

1. ‘Mama is my bae’ toddler tee

Up first in the number one spot is the ever popular “Mama is my bae” toddler t-shirt! If you’re old school like me and don’t know what bae means, let me enlighten you. It is actually the Danish word for poop. But to most hip youngsters these days, bae means their significant other or boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s very cute when a baby or toddler runs around wearing the ‘bae’ shirt. You get a lot of head turns and smiles. It’s amazing how you can brighten someone’s day just by wearing clothes!


2. Ain’t No Mama Like The One I Got Baby or Toddler Shirt

Man, I love this shirt! The idea came from a Mother’s day joke/gift, but we let our baby wear this at least once a week. The Ain’t No Mama Like The One I Got shirt is only sold by Chasing Little Feesers. We love the attention to detail such as the varied capitalization and broken grammar, it makes it sound like a baby or tot. We haven’t made these in a onesie yet, but I think it would be a super cute idea.

These little t-shirts are hot sellers right now, lots of moms on Instagram and social media seem to keep coming back to this shirt. Which is your favorite, the gray tee with black letters or the black tee with white letters? Or do you have any ideas for different color variations? I’m sure sports team colors would be a great choice. As always, you can contact us with custom requests.

3. Kids Kitty Face Shirt

Last on our list is the adorable kids’ tee, the kitten face! This obviously a shirt made for a cute little girl. We’ve received great feedback on this design, people have said they love how simple it is. They also love the cute little heart for a nose! Do you have a daughter, niece, or relative between the ages of two and fourteen? This would be a great birthday present or Christmas gift. This is another Chasing Little Feeser’s exclusive design, you won’t see this being sold in department stores and you likely won’t see stranger’s on the street with the same tee. Remember, we’re small and local.


That wraps up our list of the funniest kid shirts! We’ll be expanding this list in the near future, so check back soon. We’re always open to suggestions for custom t-shirt designs, so please drop us a line if you have any ideas. If you want something custom just for yourself or a gift for someone, we can do that too. We don’t list any custom orders without your permission.

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