How To Shop Local And Feel Good About It

How Does Buying Local Help You

This is a common question asked, and it’s not selfish to ask this. If I’m barely able to make ends meet, why should I worry about where I shop? I’m going to shop with whoever has the best deals. It’s a bit like the circle of life or better yet, the circle of money. Do you want your money to flow through your community or city, going to people you know or at least live close to and might pass on the street every now and then or even see in your own place of business? Or do you want your money immediately injected into a giant worldwide pool controlled by the uber rich? Some of them don’t even pay taxes, but you sure do!

When you buy local, you’re keeping your money close. And the cool part is, the money can eventually make it’s way back to you. Let’s say you buy some shirts from a local T-shirt vendor who then uses the profits to have breakfast at a mom & pop’s flapjack restaurant. The servers employed at that restaurant then go to a produce stand owned by a local farmer to purchase some vegetables. That farmer then comes to your store to get a handmade necklace. You’re money just made it back to you! If we all buy local, the benefits can be plentiful! This is a simplified example, but at least you can see the flow of your money, instead of it being offshore in a large enigmatic bank in a tax haven!


The Cost Of Shopping Local

To make sense of the cost, you must first understand the quality of the product you’re getting. When you shop at a superstore for meats and produce you can guarantee almost everything is grown under unnatural conditions and fed growth hormones, antibiotics, and whatever will make it grow faster. Of course, there’s a chance this also happens when you buy locally, but the chance of this is slim considering you can talk directly with the farmer or producer to see what they use in their processes. The result is better quality and healthier body fuel for you and your family! This makes the slight cost difference negligible for most consumers.

The same can be said for other items such as clothing. When you shop local, you’re getting better items that will last longer. Some people pay absurd amounts for brand name clothing. Find a great local brand to support and make them your brand name of choice! I guarantee they will be cheaper than your Nike clothes, and they’ll last longer too!

Customer Service is Excellent When Shopping Local

When you shop local, you’re dealing directly with the creator of something. Not only is it nice to know exactly where your item is coming from, but you get the chance to ask specific questions and get to know them one-on-one in most cases. Believe it or not, there are still good people out there, and you will meet a lot of them out around your community. Being a local store owner myself, I treat every order with the utmost of care (probably too much). We know the importance of someone shopping with us instead of Wal-mart, and we don’t take our customers business for granted.


You can’t walk into your local Target and ask for a custom T-shirt with your name on the back, can you? Luckily, most local vendors support just that. Giving you the ability to speak directly with the small business owner and create something completely custom is a huge advantage local shops have on the big dogs.

If this hasn’t been enough to convince you, check out this awesome list of reasons to buy locally. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have a small biz you’d like to give a shout out to, please feel free!

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