How We Manage To Fulfill Local Orders From Our Home Office With Two Kids (Helpers)

Where We Are And What the Local Economy is Like

We’re a small shop in Port Orange, Florida. Port Orange only has a population of 59 thousand. We’re south of the tourist town of Daytona Beach, so we get a decent amount of traffic from out of state. There’s a large flea market close by with lots of shops that sell custom bike week, race week, and Speedway shirts. There’s also a great, local community that supports small businesses in the economy. The city is good at hosting and advertising community events take place at the city center. These events get great exposure from locals and neighboring cities. The city is scaling fast while new residential zones and business go up. There’s room for expansion and as long as the global economy holds, the local economy should thrive for years to come.

With saying the above, as a local small business, we’re pretty busy. Since most of our customers come from our website, we’ve opted out of opening a physical storefront. We’ve built our business using a scalable model. Since most of our business comes from pressing quality T-shirts, it would be easy to find a college student to help with the labor. We’ll surely need this one day, right?! Our website supports thousands of simultaneous users. This scalability is important to keep up with the expanding Port Orange area.


Current Work Station

We work out of our home office, which is great and terrible. The great: we never have to get out of our pajamas! The bad: we’re cooped up in the house all day. Not to mention, it makes the office messy.


I think having our work office in our house makes us able to fulfill orders more quickly. We get an order on our website and get an email notification immediately to our phone. If we’re not in the middle of dinner or a family activity, one of us can usually jump right into fulfillment or request more information.



Current Employees (Our Children)

We’re a two person shop. Lindy usually handles the crafts and artistic designs. Nathan handles the website. We have a seven-year-old and a toddler that loves to “help”. We always let them get involved at some level, whether it’s cleanup or just playing in glitter (no playing near the heat press!). We love having a family business. Hopefully we can keep it going for many years to come!

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